Is there a word to say what my heart is truly feeling? The only words that comes, is the love I feel deep within, it is “liquid gold”. A flowing from my heart filling every cell of my Being – sitting with Gurpreet gives me profound space to let go and allow. To be still and have no interest in anything except the small beat within my conscious heart. A beat that peacefully burns off all feelings and emotions to remain with the pure – “I AM”. Namaste beloved one, M.

I consider myself very fortunate and blessed to have come in contact with Gurpreetji. She is the living example of kindness, patience, simplicity, love, grace and the truth. The only meaningfulness in my life are the moments spent with her. I say this because my heart feels it. She has touched my heart and given me a taste of the truth. Even though my mind gets tangled up on the surface, my heart longs to be in her presence. CD

As i am starting to write down how I feel about my joureney under Gurpreet’s guidance since the last 9 years. I am short of words. No words can justify my inner opening which happened since I met her. I feel this change was not possible on my own. She says truth is beyond words. Her touch within expands me beyond words. Again don’t have words for the gratitude that i feel. love, S

I started going to Satsang retreats with Gurpreet a couple of years ago. All aspects of my life have improved greatly. I struggled for many years in my life, because of my lack of self worth and victim story energy. I also was a great ‘sabotager,’ screwing things up every time I came close to being successful. I have significantly cleared these issues and others and now enjoy a successful profitable business, a great relationship with my sweetie and my daughter, and a peaceful content outlook on life. I look forward to continuing attending Satsangs, and becoming completely awakened, as I now know it will definitely happen. Thank you Gurpreet for your unwavering Guidance. G M

You take me to the sweetness; through the turbulence to the center
of what simply is.
You tenderly unfold the falseness that is clouding the perception and
clear reflection of infinite compassion.
With humble goodness and wisdom you show me how to put down
my burden; to see that nothing more is required.
Again and again, you teach me it is simple.
It simply is; as is.
Enter from where you are….infinity…it…is.
What Love! I am amazed by you.
You open my eyes inward, outward, and I love you.
You are my True Life Teacher. P S

Having had the good fortune to sit with many teachers, I can truly say that Gurpreet is a gem. She gives more of herself than any other being I have ever met. Gurpreet also has a way of knowing exactly what each person needs, and gently but persistently making them aware of their blind spots. In my case, she brought me ever-more-deeply into the rich dimension of the Heart, for which I am forever grateful. A C

With Gurpreet’s guidance and patience I am living first time with clarity and awareness which is bringing kindness and honesty in my daily life through her teaching to see my self at the moment is happening in her presence.   S.

Just like a Mirror Master Don’t let me Hide She Only Shows me As Is ! Not what I want to See/Perceive But Just As is !

To a Lover/Seeker She is an Invitation in
The “Real” Art of Dying. For She Shows me
Endlessly How I only stand in the way Of the

These are just words I share.
In Essence “Truth Needs No Advocacy “

When I first met Gurpreet I didn’t even know what real love was. Now I say to her “how do I love thee, let me count the ways. In every way…. endlessly…” D B

My dearest teacher,
When I hear or pronunciate your name, Gurpreet, my heart opens wide and I feel such an expansion…I know that you are my teacher!
I wish I could find the words to express this Love I feel for you, this same Love that looks at me from within, but even if I found them they would not be enough to express my gratefulness for what you have been pointing within me to be seen by me. You are the wisest, the kindest, the most patient teacher I can imagine, I feel so fortunate to have found you, now more than two years ago. I wish I could be at all your meetings, and be always bathed in the vastness of your presence, to merge with your vastness and become that nothing that does not need eyes to see, hears to hear, nose to smell or mind to think, but be that Love that expands infinitely into more love.
Gurpreet, your teachings for these past two years and half have changed my whole world, I know that whatever you point in me it is for my growing within, to bring me in touch with my softness, to not forget my longings and to be kind to myself. Your teachings are like a precious jewel that I keep dearly in the jewellery box of my heart and lay my head on.
Thank you for everything, EVERTHING you give me, Gurpreet. E D

At first I didn’t understand at all. Because it is not something the mind can grasp. But Gurpreet said to just keep coming back. So I keep coming back. And slowly, slowly, little by little, she takes you to place in your heart you never knew. And you keep coming back. G D

Gurpreet is a gift to our world and has helped me with her serious and specific pointing. If I can say this, she is lifting my desires to new hights and to me she is the hottest thing on YouTube.
Many thanks and much luv K

Many years of search for truth within brought me to Gurpreetji and it was like as if a very thirsty person finally reaches a fresh source of pure water. Gurpreetji is coming from such deep deep inner knowing and amazing clarity. Her kind and firm guidance made me see step by step all my weaknesses and the picture of my created self became very clear in front of me. Gurpreetji’s selfless, tireless, gentle and always present help made me recognize my true inner self. I learned how to always live in true way and not participate in created self. As a result, what was sitting dormant before became fresh and vibrant and joined the flow of reality. On the other hand what was ignorant and busy creating all kinds of suffering in life became dormant. This is her grace and my head is bowed to her forever as I continue to learn walking more and more in the direction of Truth from her. K M

Gurpreet takes me from darkness to light and from poison to nectar. The expansion of awareness into what was previously unknown is a blessing. I’m grateful for Gurpreet’s loving clarity, which enables me to pay the price of letting go, wholeheartedly. Gurpreet’s unwavering presence in that, truly opens a big window for all of us to transcend through. 


There are shifts happening in my inner world since I met Gurpreet that I cannot put into words. Each connection I have with her brings me a little closer to home. She is the teacher I didn’t even know I was looking for and now I can’t imagine what my life would be like if I hadn’t met her. My whole world has changed and keeps getting better. I can’t wait to see her again. She is our Divine Mother showing all of us the way home and I am eternally grateful for her loving presence in my life for now and forever. K J

Gurpreet ji has an amazing ability to open up space within one’s heart. My personal experience has been quite transforming in such a short period of time how Gurpreet ji has been able to help me realize how much protection I have put around my person and covered my heart. Since I met with Gurpreet ji I have felt the pull towards seeking Truth. The more I expose myself to the Truth I easily understand how I can benefit further from her teachings ever so gently and ever so delicately she helps me open little by little. A C

My heart surrendered when I first met Gurpreet ji but my mind took long to join. With her teaching, I learned how my beliefs and created-self were in the way to know my true self. She is that flow of Truth which my heart always longed for. Finally, I have met an Oasis of endless necter in the desert of my thirst. S K

With Gurpreet’s teachings the most important phase in my life has begun. In the last 1-½ years with her I learned more than in 10 years before. Her humble and modest beingness, total simplicity, and her sharp seeing point me to find the deepest trust in my heart, master key to a new world. The smallness in this deep trust removes all judgement, all beliefs, all ideas. There simply remains the longing to just accept and serve – taking everything back to heart, what I had separated for decades With Gurpreet I have had the deepest experiences in my life and learned to see, what is real and what is created by myself. I learned how to listen and how to follow the tiny voice of knowing and longing, that lives inside every human being and was for so long ignored by myself. I am more and more learning to just follow this longing and less and less being distracted. On the surface I am experiencing the biggest shift in my life and relationships. In deep gratitude. T M

From the very first time I met Gurpreet and she gazed into my eyes, I felt so much love that it felt like the Divine bathing me in exquisite love. Gurpreet’s teachings touch me in a way that dramatically shift my consciousness. With loving guidance I am led to a direct experience with my Self. She is a gift to those drawn to truth. Truly no words can express the appreciation I have in my heart. P

Gurpreet you are the best teacher I could have ever imagined. I never took one before, now I know why.The higher has always the best plan. Thank you for leading me back when I was so lost in space with all that knowing and giving me a real good landing. My heart is always with you. K