Living in the Oldness

Yesterday I was talking about how we carry old scars from the past. I want to elaborate a bit more on this because it is not only the scars that we are carrying. It is the oldness that we keep on living in and It does not necessarily have to be from a trauma that we are still connecting with.

In more subtle ways you are going to continue to open to see how much we are still living in this oldness. You can see this through seeing how your mind is still running in the same way, its behaviour is the same.

Slowly, slowly, you can constantly watch yourself and see what is continuously running in you and then you can begin to poke holes in it. In order to shift in the newness this is necessary. In other words, we need to shift from our old way of thinking, our old way of living and our old way of relating with ourselves and with our personalities.

This oldness does not have to be loud, it can be very subtle. So, if it is subtle, you need to find out about it. You need to stay very close to yourself where you can watch it, watch yourself. Otherwise, we cannot relate with our pure innocence, the pure essence of our innocence. Without relating with the essence of our innocence, innocence is still a kind of form. When we are relating with the essence then we are moving beyond our form a little bit.

You might not understand what I am saying but just stay closer to it. When you are more watchful of yourself, and you are keeping your face towards yourself, slowly, slowly you can relate to what I am saying. But you cannot force yourself to relate with it.

I just wanted to remind you that this oldness can be subtle. You are living and your cycle is the same but we need to move forward. We need to begin to see that we are still in the oldness. This is how it is able to shift us.