GurpreetJi's Walk

Gurpreetji was born in a small town in the Punjab state of India in 1962 where she was raised in a simple, loving family along with her three sisters. She was known by her family to be a quiet, introspective child, who kept one or two close friends, but preferred to stay on her own most of the time. Even as a child, she embodied a depth of heart that was palpable to those around her. At the age of fifteen, Gurpreetji met her then-to-be husband. Despite societal norms and family objections, she followed her heart, eventually marrying him. In 1984 she immigrated to Edmonton, Alberta with her budding family.

Like many immigrant families, Gurpreetji, her husband and their two sons experienced joys and challenges in their new country. A turning point occurred for Gurpreetji with the sudden death of a dear cousin. This shattering event birthed within Gurpreetji a realization that life is meant for something greater. It ignited an undeniable pull to begin a search for a deeper meaning and truth beyond that which we experience in our daily lives on the surface. It was during this time of deep sorrow and vulnerability that Gurpreetji came across an audio recording of the teacher Osho. His words created a shift and an awakening that would move Gurpreetji firmly in the direction of her deepest calling. 

At age 36, Gurpreetji’s beloved husband passed away unexpectedly. His death rocked the foundations of her surface life, leaving her to raise her sons on her own. However, her loving and open state of being permitted her to surrender and deepen in the pain of his passing. His physical absence did not diminish, but rather deepened the connectedness and togetherness she felt with him. It further served to lay the foundations of her movement into truth. 

Over the years, Gurpreetji continues to follow her inner guidance, moving into deeper states of truth and purity. Gurpreetji’s endless opening embodies a depth and truth that is profound.

It was never Gurpreetji’s intention to become a teacher to others. It was her simple and honest presence that, little by little, began to draw those around her closer. It became apparent to the people in her life that they experienced shifting and opening in her presence. Upon requests by friends and loved ones, she began to hold informal satsangs at various cities in Canada and abroad. More people from around the world began to attend the satsangs, which provide a welcoming space for anyone seeking to grow. In 2014, she moved to Vernon, British Columbia, where she holds satsangs today. Her own deepening continues, as does that of the people who sit with her.

Gurpreetji's Approach to Guiding

Participants are invited to sit with Gurpreetji in the spirit of openness, love and simplicity. Through this presence, she connects with the person at a heart level, allowing her to listen to their questions from this place, rather than from a place of mental analysis.

Gurpreetj’s guidance is from the heart level. She rarely advises people on questions around their practical, everyday life, rather directing participants to the often deeply rooted patterns that may underlie their questions. Thus, there is nothing that people must ‘do’ to benefit from Gurpreetji’s guidance.

Gurpreetji does not guide people towards intellectual understanding or concepts of the mind, but rather shows them the truth that has always lived within them. There are no obligations or commitments to be made, just a simple invitation to be in the satsang to grow.