GurpreetJi Quotes

“The True Master puts the seed inside of your heart; your job is to water it. It needs your care. That is your responsibility. Give all of yourself to it; that is the fertilizer. It will sprout.”

“You arrive in the Satsang – that is the beginning. This is where you purify yourself. This is where you lose all your practices, your wants, your wishes. This is where you don’t need to get anywhere, you don’t need to be someone, somewhere. This is where you unfold yourself. And this is where you learn how to surrender.”

“Dying in this completely . . . is your living.”

“The more you choose, the deeper you go.”

“As you become a true student, the world is your teacher.”

“When you are willing to lose your identity, you are willing to lose your world.”

“When the student goes through the inner struggle, the student is so ready to be shown the way by the teacher.”

“When you see within as is, then you’re not creating so much division within you.”

“It takes your sincerity, not your effort.”

“When you are blind in the ego, whatever you produce has no life in it.”

“Through the newness, the oldness, and how we are living in it, becomes visible.”

“The more qualities you earn, the more you allow beingness to be changed.”

“If we want something we are burdening our self.”
“You stay thirsty all of the time, then the water is available.”
“Dying in the Love is so vast – it purifies your Being.”
“If the story is alive, the protection is alive.”
“Not being sincere means you want something.”
“Falling down is not negative, it is the possibility of getting up.”
“When there is no self agenda, you can naturally open your heart.”
“Love is really okay-ness within toward everything, that is all.”
If the un-realness doesn’t shatter, how can you taste the love?”
“We actually are no-one; by mistake we become someone.”
“The body itself is innocent. Who is holding the issue?”
“When you know the truth, everything else is just self-indulgence.”
“The moment you give importance to anything there is bigness in it.”
“Lostness is your beginning, exposing your self openly. Relax in your self, the way you are, then you are not holding two images of yourself.”
“Give no importance to what you like or dislike so you can sink in the difficulty”
“Let yourself become smaller than small in the depths of your heart.”
“If you are afraid of something, like disease, breathe into the thought or into the sensation. There is nothing bigger than you.”
“There is no permanency in living.”
“Being open to our self is constantly taking us to our essence – you don’t need to remove anything.”
“Death is in the here and now, where everything is ending.”
“Every form has its own world.”
“True desire itself is to die within.”
“Every cell in your body is holding something.”
“Love lets you walk through.”
“It cannot be written, It cannot be explained, It cannot be captured . . . It has always been like this and It will always be like this.”
“When you are trusting and when you are resting, you are receiving. The receiving itself is nurturing your soul. As you are letting it nurture your soul, this is how you complete the levels. Because you are in a space where you don’t want to understand.”
“Your love for the truth is higher than everything.”
“In the the love there is the pull to die.”
“Your heart becomes bigger when you cherish the little.
If you want more, it narrows you down.”
“If difficulty is converted into personal pain; in the midst of your life you become hidden in your self.”
“From ages we are hearing, ‘God is One’, ‘God is Love’. Its true.
But now it is your time to go with your own ache – you discover.”
“Your thirst itself is the ending of your suffering.”
“instead of clinging to life, be so friendly with your death.”
“You can stay in the permission. This permission is like having no hands and no feet but moving forward in this unknown, in this quieter place, in this open place.”
“Have a love affair with the loss.”
“In the smallness you are being freed from the circling.”
“Falling down is not negative, it is the possibility of getting up.”
“Every ending is a new beginning.”
“If the story is alive, the protection is alive.”
“Your eyes only open when something dissolves back in you. If something is still in front of you, as a shield, you are still in the blindness.”
“Clarity stands on its own.”
“Sincerity lets you see.”
“In this lifetime you use everything that you already have. The purity of this love increases with every opening and closing. You earn every time. When you shut down, you earn more purity. Because this connection is unbreakable, in a way, you cannot separate yourself from this connection. Through closing you discover the depth of yours. Through closing you discover the vastness of It. Through closing you earn being in the grace in an endless way.”
“I see it is amazing. He is amazing. Even being lost is amazing, and being found is amazing. It is amazing. I used to think, “I want to praise, I want to sing, I want to dance, I want to do something,” but sometimes you just become water in this because it is amazing.”
“Regardless of how weak you feel, regardless of how much disappointment keeps coming and regardless of how dry you feel, just stay with that – that you don’t want to turn your face away from this higher love.”
“When there is doubt for this then you struggle so much, and with the love it is like a love play. You are just loving, opening and being. It is so wonderfully simple and rich.”
“For the higher way of being you must lose your created, believing, intelligence so you can earn that quiet, wordless intelligence which you live from and you die in.”
“For the higher way of being you must lose your created, believing, intelligence so you can earn that quiet, wordless intelligence which you live from and you die in.”
“When there is a wall there is curiosity, ‘that side seems better than mine.’ It is human nature. We can’t stop the fighting but everybody can return back within. Dropping the walls is from within.”
“Whichever way you are is perfectly, perfectly fine. So this way you don’t wish to be different, you only know it is wonderfully okay to give permission.”
“For the person it is so familiar to guard. But whichever way you are is perfectly, perfectly fine. So this way you do not wish to be different, you only know it is wonderfully okay to give permission.”
“You must walk toward this truth in an unshakeable way, an uncompromised way. Nobody, nobody is going to walk with you.”
“If you are so clear, then nobody – nobody, no situation – can shake you. Nothing can shake you. In reality, then everything becomes your strength. If you are clear.”
“Through gratefulness and impersonalness there is a natural connection with your beingness which is much higher than any kind of personal experience.”
“Every thought is always appearance and disappearance – every thought. Appearing, disappearing. Everything you can be aware of is appearing and disappearing.”
“Just remember you don’t need to ever change your darkness. You just be aware of yourself, how you are being in the darkness.”
“When you come from heart every happening is a true happening.”
“Sometimes people are scared to earn the detachment but I see this is only if you are not thirsty enough. Because if you are really truly thirsty the person is still in your way, but not in a powerful way. It is very secondary. You are still falling but in a secondary way.”
“Your own openness is always more than what you are experiencing.”
“This love and trust is like a jewel in the person’s heart. It is in everybody’s heart.”
“You long to be smaller than small because bigness needs protection, smallness doesn’t.”
“What you are attached to is not stable and it is not going to be stable.”
“When you are willing to be with the higher there is no suffering because the person does not exist there.”
“When you are in the hardness, even though you are suffering, in a way you feel secure. In the softness you are able to experience the opposite of this. You are losing this suffering but you are also losing this being secure all the time. This is where you remember that no loss is bigger than you, it is only removing your ignorance.”
“In your sitting, just keep coming back to yourself because this mind does not know how to rest. Little by little, when you keep coming back you are able to let your thoughts dissolve in your heart in a kind and gentle way because with the kindness and gentleness you are able to include whatever is there.”
“You are living to die in a personal way in this lifetime, all the time.”
“We are all together. You know pain is not separate and this love is also not separate. I love seeing every one of you open.”
“The teacher’s chest is there all the time and available to you day and night. You learn to lay your head on that chest. That is all.”
“The more you relate to what is higher, as you are going backward in you, the more your mind will follow you later on, but not before.”
“Sometimes you may feel like you are a failure in this whole thing, even in the wordly way and the spiritual way, and that is wonderful.”
“In closing there is no effort. In opening there is responsibility and willingness.”
“Let your soul lift from your weaknessess.”
“Love to be with yourself. It is eliminating your scatteredness.”
“Love to be so serious and so sincere because this body is going to go one day. That is for sure. Your seriousness and sincerity, what you long for, it will help you stay connected.”
“If the person’s desire for the truth is so pure, then nothing can distract you. It is only when the person’s desire is not pure enough yet, then of course . . .
“There is no clarity in the perceptions because in there you are not one, you are too many.”
“I am happy for the people who are able to come here, sit here, and enjoy this. Even when the opposite happens, it is all good because you earn, little by little. Anything you do not have, you will earn. If you do not have trust, you will earn it. If you do not feel love, you will earn it. You will earn every single quality, little by little, by being here and by opening.”
“Being in the permission; you choose to walk in the darkness. Your permission to walk in the darkness is helping you to lose your old habits.”
“Through the stillness the clarity is yours.”
“When everything is aligned within you, your heart, your body, your soul . . . all aligned, that is the connection.”
“When you are not really touching what you are being aware of, and not wishing it would go away; this is the true way of dying, even if it is a little.”
“Through the Love there is surrender, purity, and connection. Purity and connection are able to earn the clarity, and that clarity will match because the base is pure. In that there is no individuality.”
“Mind is able to show you its own smartness. It’s not true. You don’t need any intelligence, you only learn how to give and Love infinite way. That’s how the connection will be.
“This ground is the Purity and the water is the Love. This open sky is the Clarity. These are all within me and these are all in other than me. As these three are being aligned; at the same time there is new knowledge beginning to take place.”
“This love does not need any kind of weapon.”
“You only be in this if you love this, not if you want this. Because you can’t grab the reality, you can’t grab the Truth.”
“The smallness has no end and that smallness is the seed of the heart.”
“With this gentle way of being you are letting yourself open, you are letting yourself soften, you are letting yourself connect.”
“You don’t need power. You don’t need any kind of strength. You just need this pull, this love for the higher. This you want to live and die for. The person easily postpones this because of the surface and I tell you the surface is still there. Everything stays on the surface but your ignorance will be removed and that is what you are here for.”
“The True prayer is when it is coming from your deepest, deepest heartache. And that is the real connection.”
“Once you don’t mind the pain, there is such a beauty even in the unfolding. Then this walk is a beautiful walk.”
“This is where you just wonder: Is it beginning or ending? Is it living or dying? Is it everything or nothing? You just wonder, is there more to give or to receive?”